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My choreographic work straddles the line between stage and screen, drawing upon my background in dance film to craft interdisciplinary movement-based projects. I am especially interested in exploring the juxtaposition of what's possible within the human body versus what's possible only through technology. My work has been adjudicated into numerous performances in both academic and professional settings, including Dance in Concert (Saint George, UT); Right Now (Medford, MA); Tiny & Short: A Drop in the Bucket (Cambridge, MA); Women’s Work (Detroit, MI); Experimental Film Virginia (Cape Charles, VA); ACDA Northeast Regional Conference (Randolph, NJ); Dances at MuCCC, Leap Day Dances, Merged VII, Morning Dances (Rochester, NY); DANCE/Hartwell, Tiny Dances (Brockport, NY); and WAXworks (Brooklyn, NY). In addition to choreography, I am also experienced as a dance educator and researcher, having served on faculty at Wells College and SUNY Brockport and having published/presented solo and collaborative written works within the dance field.

(updated choreographic portfolio coming soon)

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