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A Solo Machine

Ten-dancer group piece looking at the integration of video technology into live performance and the questions of dancer agency that arise as a result.

Choreography: Cas Burns, in collaboration with dancers

Performance: Katie Brauer, Emilia Bunich, Haley Burns, Emily Conn, Claire Fisher, Jenna Kelly, Mia Martelli, Lucy Mundschau, Sophie Nash, Rebecca Oberstadt

Music: "Keep an Eye Out..." by Michael Wall/soundFORMovement


Premiere: A Solo Machine, February 2018 (Rochester, NY)

Additional Performances: Morning Dances, October 2017 (Rochester, NY) [five-minute excerpt shown as work-in-progress]; Scholars Day, April 2018 (Brockport, NY) [20-minute excerpt]

Photo: Olivia Cacciatore

This project was partially funded by The College at Brockport’s Distinguished Professor Award for Graduate Research grant.

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